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Live Auction Absentee Bid Policy : 

1. All Absentee Bids are property of the Auctioneer.
2. All buyers that leave absentee bids are to be informed of the major components of absentee bid procedures at the time bid(s) are left.
3. All absentee bids are to be executed competitively. That is, bidding for the absentee bidder is to be performed as if that bidder was present at the auction, actually bidding for him or herself. 
4. The clerk that is "clerking" for the item(s) being sold is responsible for executing all absentee bids. It is the responsibility of all the clerks to communicate between each other to ensure bids are properly executed by the responsible clerk. The Auctioneer is the sole party that can change this arrangement (for example, designate a specific person(s) to execute absentee bids).
5. Unless no other bids are made within a reasonable time, the clerk responsible for executing an absentee bid is NOT to "start" the bidding.
6. In the event two or more absentee bids are placed for the same items, the clerk is then to start the bidding at the second highest bid plus amount. For example, three absentee bids are placed on the same gold necklace: $50, $70 & $100. The clerk must start the bidding at $75.00.
7. In the event two or more absentee bids are BOTH the HIGHEST bid and exactly the same amount, the absentee bid which was placed first take precedence and the clerk starts the bidding at this highest amount. The clerk(s) are to note the time absentee bids are received to resolve these bids.
8. Absentee bidders may bid any amount "PLUS" "+ ", which means that the clerk may bid up to the amount stated PLUS one more bid, if necessary. For example, leaving a bid of $150+ would allow the absentee bid to be as much as $160.00 or $175.00 to be determined by bidding increments the auctioneer is currently accepting.
9. A clerk wishing to bid for him or herself is NOT considered an absentee bid. A clerk bidding on their own behalf is is considered part of the gallery. Any other so-called absentee bid placed with any other attendee is considered a bid from the gallery.
10. Absentee bidders MUST abide by all other terms and conditions of the auction as if they were present and bidding for themselves.  

All purchased items must be paid for at time of auction.

Any absentee bids that are placed by way of phone, email, fax, social media etc. must leave a credit card on file at time of placing any absentee bid. Some items can not be shipped. For example, a 200 lb desk. Items that can be shipped to buyer will be at buyers cost. Insurance is required for shipment and is the responsibility of the buyer. Some items can not be picked up at a later date and must be picked up by auction end. For example, a 200 lb desk. In the case of buyer wanting to pick up an item that can be picked up, a date and time will be determined and must take place within 7 days of auction date. 

Al items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with no no guarantee given or implied , bidders shall rely on their own inspections. NO RETURNS under any circumstances. 

Online Auction Policy:

1. All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with no no guarantee given or implied , bidders shall rely on their own inspections. NO RETURNS under any circumstances. 

2. There will be an 11% BUYERS PREMIUM added to the final bid price.  

3. Ohio Sales Tax will be collected unless you have a valid exemption on file with us.


5. Accepted forms of payment include Cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover

6. PREVIEW - a preview date and time will be posted for each auction

7. PICK UP - Buyer must be able to pick up during posted pickup day and time no exceptions, please make sure you are available to pick up during the scheduled time prior to bidding to avoid forfeit of purchase.

8. SHIPPING - items with available shipping will be noted in lot description. Items will ONLY be shipped to a confirmed shipping address from the credit card on file. Shipping costs will be billed to the buyer's card on file plus a handling fee of $5 per shipment. 


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